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Financial Aid



FAQ - Awarding Financial Aid



What is a Financial Aid Award and how is it determined?
Awards tell you what financial aid programs you are eligible for and how much you can receive from each program. All awards are based on the information you provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


Awards are based on financial need and eligibility. You may accept all or parts of your award, which may consist of one or more types of financial aid such as scholarships, grants, and/or federal work-study.


All awards are based on an estimated of the amount of funds available for the current award year and the estimated number of applications. Therefore, all awards are subject to reduction or cancellation if actual funds do not meet estimates.


When do I receive a Financial Aid Award letter?
A notification letter or e-mail will be sent with directions on how to accept/decline your Financial Aid Awards in the months of June for Fall semesters or January for Spring semesters. Financial Aid Award letters can be found in student’s My Empower under the Financials tab.


If I start college at the beginning of Fall semester, will I receive and need to accept/decline my Financial Aid Award letter for the Spring semester, too?
No. If you start college at the beginning of the academic school year, Financial Aid Awards are estimated for Fall and Spring semesters. If you start college at the beginning of Spring semester, you will receive notification of your Financial Aid Award letter and would need to log into your My Empower to accept/decline your awards.


What if I do not accept/decline my Financial Aid Award letter?
Monies will not be disbursed to your account until the Financial Aid Award letter is accepted.


Are there any limitations for funding?
The Federal Department of Education regulation places a credit limit on funding for all financial aid students. Funding is available until you have reached 150% of the credits required to complete your program. This includes all double major, additional degrees, repeat credits and transfer credits. You are responsible for financing your education after you have reached this limit.


The State has a 10 semester funding limit for their grants.


Contact your Tribal Higher Education Office as to their funding limits. Most Tribal aid have semester or specific dollar amount limits to achieve a degree.