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Food Sovereignty

Food Sovereignty

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Seed Library


Seed Library

A Seed Library is a collection of vegetable, fruit, herb, and flower seeds that are available for people to check out and return, like books at a library. The College of Menominee Nation has a seed library located at the Sustainable Development Institute and contains seeds from 177 different plants. Any community member can check out seeds from the library, grow the plants in their garden, allow a few plants to ‘go to seed,' and then return the saved seeds to the library at the end of the growing season. Look through the online seed catalog or stop by the Sustainable Development Institute to find seeds you’d like to grow in your garden.


Why Use the Seed Library?

  • Save Money: By checking out seeds from the library, you don’t need to buy expensive seed packets that contain more seeds than your garden can accommodate. By using the library, you get the exact variety and number of seeds you want at no charge. All we ask is that you return the seeds at the end of the growing season so more people can enjoy the seeds next year.
  • Regional Adaptation: Most commercially available seeds are selected because they perform well across the majority of the country. But by saving seeds from the best performing plants and returning those seeds to the library, you will help develop a seed variety that is better adapted to Menominee County’s specific soil, climate, and growing conditions. Over multiple growing seasons, this adaptation will grow stronger and stronger.
  • Full Growing Cycle: Harvesting produce from your garden is great, but isn’t the full cycle of plant growth. By saving seeds, you engage in the entire life cycle of the crop from seed, to plant, to fruit, and back to seed.

The College of Menominee Nation Seed Library contains seeds from 177 vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. Look through the seed catalog below to find the seed you want to grow in your garden this year. Don’t know where to start? If you are a beginner to seed saving, the easiest crops to start with are beans, lettuce, peas, and tomatoes.


CMN Seed Library Information

CMN Seed Library Catalog (178 p. PDF)

What Should I Grow? Seed Selection Grow-Chart