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College of Menominee Nation
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Giving to CMN


Types of Gifts


The most usual type of gift is cash, made payable with a check or credit card authorization.  Checks should be made payable to College of Menominee Nation. The College of Menominee Nation accepts donations from VISA and MasterCard.


Stocks, securities
At times, a gift of stocks or securities will meet the donor’s financial needs. Stocks and similar gifts may be held in the College portfolio or sold with the proceeds benefiting CMN. If you consider transferring an investment vehicle to the College, please contact the Development Office for assistance.


Estate gift via a life insurance policy or other death benefit
The College may be named as a beneficiary of an insurance policy or other death benefit by assigning sole ownership of the policy to the College of Menominee Nation. You will want to consult your financial planner concerning how such a gift might benefit you for income and estate tax purposes. Advance consultation with the College will allow you to designate how the gift is used and recognized.


Estate gift as part of a will
Remembering College of Menominee Nation in your will is as simple as including a line that reads: “I give to the College of Menominee Nation the sum of $_____" (or specifically described property). If you have already established a will, a gift to CMN may be added with a codicil.


CMN encourages you to discuss your intentions with the Advancement Office before drafting a will or codicil to assure that your gift can be accepted for use in a way that meets your wishes.


Gifts in Kind
Real estate or personal property that you no longer need may have significant value to CMN and in some instances a gift of this type may have substantial tax benefits for you. Real estate examples are a personal residence or vacation home, farm or commercial property, or undeveloped land.  Personal property might include valuable works of art, rare collections, equipment, jewelry or antiques.


The valuation of a gift in kind for IRS tax purposes must be determined by the donor through a qualified appraisal.  The College will describe the gift and acknowledge its receipt but is not permitted to issue a statement of worth.


Please initiate a discussion with the Advancement Office or call us at 800-567-2344 or 715-799-6226, ext. 3155 or 3156 if you are considering the donation of a gift in kind. This will assure that acceptance of the property is compatible with CMN’s mission and objectives and that CMN is able to provide appropriate care, maintenance, or disposition of your gift.