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College of Menominee Nation
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Financial Aid

Consortium Agreements


Students who are accepted into a financial aid eligible program at the College of Menominee Nation (CMN) and are considering taking one or more courses at another institution that apply towards their degree at CMN, may request a Consortium Agreement between the institutions. Since students are unable to receive financial aid from two institutions during the same semester, a Consortium Agreement allows the institution at which the student is seeking their degree (host institution) to combine credits from another institution (visiting institution) and pay financial aid based on the total. A Consortium Agreement is only good for one semester and must be updated each continued semester by the student and visiting institution.


Not all students who take courses at another institution will need to request a Consortium Agreement. For some students, the combination of credits will not increase the amount of their financial aid offer.


To initiate a Consortium Agreement, a student must:

  • Receive confirmation from the CMN Registrar’s Office that course(s) will transfer back into the student’s degree program upon successful completion per CMN policy.
  • Register at the visiting institution and pay for classes with their own resources.
  • Contact the CMN Financial Aid Office for a Consortium Agreement Form.
  • Complete and sign the student section of the Consortium Agreement Form and attach a copy of their "visiting institution" schedule.
  • Send the signed Consortium Agreement Form, with a copy of class schedule attached, to the visiting institutions financial aid office to be completed and returned to the CMN Financial Aid office prior to the completion of the 5 day add/drop period of semester sessions.
  • Upon receipt of the above items, a Consortium Agreement will be created between CMN and the visiting institution.
  • Credits will not be added to the student's enrollment status until the Consortium Agreement is signed by the visiting institution.
  • Information will be exchanged between institutions to determine the student's eligibility, calculate financial aid offers, disburse funds, monitor satisfactory progress, and distribute any refund/repayment. CMN will not pay the visiting institution for any charges owed.
  • The student must inform the CMN Financial Aid Office if they drop or withdraw from any course(s) covered by this Consortium Agreement.
  • At the end of the semester the student is responsible for providing CMN with an official transcript from the "visiting school."